Smart City Physical Infrastructure Professional has the right blend of knowledge to be a useful and productive resource for Smart City Mission at all levels.

With the aim of building a sound and efficient physical infrastructure for city services, it is imperative that engineers and professionals have multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise.  It is an innovation in itself in the field of learning, where academics meet the industry standards.  For the development of Smart Cities, that intended to provide robust, resilient, sustainable city administration services, many of the technical/engineering domains has to combine/collaborate and deliver value to its citizens.

The course equips the participant with all the governing codes, industry standards and best practices of most engineering disciplines relevant to the development of Smart Physical Infrastructure.  The knowledge gained, help shape careers, in a multitude of specialized professions like designing, planning, executing projects, audit, maintenance, and sustainability, in addition to understanding the concept of City Information Modeling (CIM).

The IT Infrastructure of a Smart City

Our module focuses on all Information related software and technologies.

The Telecommunication System of a Smart City

Telecommunication is a diverse field of engineering connected to electronic, civil and systems engineering providing to customers.

The Urban Planning and Civil Engineering Systems Including GIS

Urban Planning & Civil provide research and analysis, strategic thinking & architecture.

The Electric Power Systems of a Smart City

Our program on Electrical Engineering gives you a competitive edge of the competitive industry.

The Environmental and Mechanical Systems including Waste Disposal

Research and analysis, strategic thinking, architecture, public consultation, implementation, and management.