Smart Data Center

Big Data and the IoT determine the future of present infrastructures, similarly, sustainability and availability determine the digital transformation and the future of data centres.

Cities need these technologies for developing into smart cities. Proper management of communication networks is needed to access the storage and virtualization systems in order to reduce costs and enhance the technological infrastructures. Another factor on count is that the evolution of architectures to provide a fast and fluent adaptation, either it may increase or decrease.

Smart DC will be the main core for the development of these smart cities and using of new technologies such as passive sensometry, increasing security access in our networks such as the Internet, achieving sustainable balance, supporting urban development through constant development and moreover taking care of the environment.

From above all reasons, Data Centers and future Smart DC will manage different aspects. The data systems will be managed by companies or entities to facilitate their business, and the future Smart DC will be directed and creates new architectures and technologies to manage the cities and facilities to obtain the final goal of improving citizens’ quality of life.