The Telecommunication System of a Smart City

Telecommunications is a field of engineering that connects to almost all the occupations, thereby bringing all the other systems and services and engineering domains together to work in collaboration.  Technical knowledge of the application of this discipline of engineering in a variety of installations, built to standards, ensures for providing high-speed information transmission.

Here is the list of the topics we train you in:

  • CIM
  • Fiber Optic cabling Components (cable and connecting hardware)
  • Wireless Communication (Cellular Networks from AMPS to 4G, Wi-Fi)
  • Cabling Pathways & Spaces
  • Bonding & Grounding (Earthing) of Cabling Plant
  • Communications Point-of-Presence
  • Documentation (Plant System & Project)
  • Governing / Industry Codes & Standards

Develop an understanding of concepts & build competence to execute & monitor all the aspects and stages of an OSP Cabling plant.