Smart Governance

Better planning and better decisions.

Smart Environment

Adaptable and renewable

Smart People

Motivated and sustainable lifestyles

Smart Economy

Commerce to E-commerce

Smart Mobility

Connectivity and commuting

Smart Living

Intelligence and usability

Smart Cities - Super Innovation

The physical infrastructure is the base for any construction from industrial corridors to a building.  A clear and strong physical infrastructure can make any construction smart with least investment in terms of money and time.

For developing nations, it is only prudent to set right the physical infrastructure before taking steps to make any such thing smart, and India is one among the group.   Most common and natural model/principle asserts with proper physical infrastructure only can be made smart.  At the least these two distinct undertakings, proper physical infrastructure and smartness, to go hand-in-hand.  Citizen comfort, facilitating living, alleviating risks of using public/city services, the betterment of utility services would certainly elevate the Happiness Index.  Proper Physical Infrastructure built to the standards is the only answer to raising the bar of Happiness Index.



Smart Cities call for a suite of innovations.  In true sense, Smart Cities are a “Super Innovation”.  These living cities shall experience better civic amenities, better Safety & Security for property and life, better & safe transport services, better sanitation, better healthcare, better environment, better and conducive economic environment, and thereby gaining a better quality of life for its citizens raising the bar of Happiness Index.

The “journey to excellence” from the current state of cities to the planned and proposed “Smart Cities”, demands innovations and collaborative innovations at the levels, above ground, on the surface and below the surface, in all the spheres and domains of city services.  Many if not most, such services come under the purview of city administration and all such services are provided by an individual provider in silos.

Smart City mission mandates for all city services to have their infrastructure in collaboration where multi-disciplinary professionals are required.  We, at KAYA Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. are making a humble effort to train and equip engineers to have multi-disciplinary technical knowledge with respect to governing industry standards of all the disciplines.

Our Industry Associates

"The immediate need for cities in developing countries is to provide adequate urban infrastructure."

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"India in need of a structured infrastructure"

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